Monday, September 22, 2008

Calling a scripting function from .bash_login

This rather a very simple issue that i have encounter couple days ago. Yeah, I don't consider myself a console scripting guru. So don't sunrise if you see me to post this. ^_^.
So I have a function "conn_remote" define inside my .bash_login file, when started up the a terminal, I see that the .bash_login file is actually gotten read as it print "Welcome to to bash" (which I defined it in the .bash_login file); however, when i try to call the "conn_remote" function, it said "command not defined".
After some chatting with ppl in IRC, I realize the cause to this is because my .bash_login not defined as the source. So to solve this issue, I put a command "source .bash_login" whenever a new terminal is fired up, and after this is defined, i was able to call my function freely.