Friday, December 01, 2006

Remote desktop

That’s pretty cool. It has been a while time I try to figure out how to use remote access through internet today I finally get it work ~~~ tongue wink Connect my home desktop from my company and listen to music that are from my desktop harddrive.
Here my home network setting:
What I have:
Verizon DSL, Verizon cable modern, Netgear wireless router.
The setting:
Internet -->Verizon cable modern --> wireless router --> here it connects to my window box , my Mac powerbook, my roommate pc.
How to connect:
It would be must easier if only one router, but the problem I have is because I have two routers so data need to be forward in 2 steps.

First, In order to enable remote desktop, we need to forward the ports 3389 and 80 to the window box. Since i have two router, I need frist forward these two ports from my cable modern router to my wirless router. Then from my second router, foward the two ports (3389 and 80) to my window box, in my case, the ip address is
After foward these ports have foward to the destinate machine. I should be able to connect to my window box from the internet using the primary ip address (which can be found from the first router’s config page).