Friday, December 01, 2006

MacBook Share resource

As many of you may know, in Intel Base MacBook we now can install Window Xp on mac natively using boot camp. My though is how you gonna share resource between your mac OS with Window Xp. Apparently they are on the same machine but can not run at the same time.
When we install Window xp on mac, we create a new new partition for it, during the installation, we have an option to choose to format the partition to FAT32 or NTFS. I have discuss this with some mac user about the difference. The conclusion is: With FAT32 format, we could have read write access to the partition in Mac OS, and with NTFS, we only have read pemission. The limitation in FAT32 though, it only can have maximum capacity of 32 GB for the partition. So pick you choice.
A better idea as one of the mac user told me is to put though share resource on an external hard drive. Yeah, that really solve the problem BY putting some investment in. Haha....