Boot camp almost killed my machine tonite.
I have Xp install on my mac book however the software was expired after I used it for 30 days. Every time I login, it asked me to ativate the product otherwise it will automatically log me out.
Here is my problem tonite,
In Max OSX, I setup boot camp to start up in Window Xp such that every time it will select window as it default operating system. The problem is, I forget i cannot activate my window xp, so every time i try to log on, it log me out automatically. Since I cannot log in, i cannot switch back the start up option to Mac OSX. I was stuck.....
Luckly, from apple support web site, i found out there’s an option I can use to choose which OS to start from when start up the machine. The “Option” key is the answer.
By pressing down the “Option” key from start up, a new page will show up ask which Disk want to start up with. From there i can pick Mac OS X.